Being real

It’s not so much the content
It’s the structure
The form
Where does it come from
The expression;
What’s real
Behind the meaning;
Look beyond,
Right here
It’s there you are;
It’s there it is 💗

~ M. L Adams

There is no fight

Sometimes we are so tempted
To just fight
When all that’s real
Is we are one;
There is no fight
Sometimes we are so tempted
Just to fly
When all that’s real,
Is all is one;
Just be here ❤️️
~ M. L Adams



Learning, growing, deeply flowing
Letting go of all that got in the way

Being you
Always true

Seeing how it is,
You’re not here to impress;
You are here to expand

To always grow,
Continually flow

Finding your way,
Come what may
Where nothing will stop you

You’re finding your balance
So all sides are even

Drop all expectations
As they will too

It works both ways man,
Adapt and flow

~ M. L Adams