Choosing Liberation

The clutches of maya can tempt us at any stage on our spiritual path and for differing reasons. We may feel we are too young to devote our whole life yet or  we just want to see what we can attain; any reason can come up.

Yet once we have felt the truth of liberation, nothing else can compare. We may be in the highest paid job or even a job we love yet if it pulls us away from this, it will never be the same and sooner or later we realise.

This is the nature of material world we live in that is always seeking to tempt and condition us in to wanting more. Something we can always be aware of, and it’s many guises.

Our focus in life directs our energy, so as soon as we get sidetracked for a reason it can be gradually swayed unless we maintain a focused spiritual path.

In everyday life we have to maintain important anchors that stabilise our focus and practice so to keep us from being swayed by maya.

When we have and maintain these, we are far less likely to be pulled out and have to go through any more unnecessary suffering.

However the most important thing if we do is that we realise it as soon as possible as the illusion of maya and then re-anchor our practice once again along with the reminder of how we can get pulled out so we can recognise it when it comes up.

A daily practice is the most essential and if we can remind ourselves daily of why, this also helps. Surround yourself with those who support you in your spiritual practice and remain anchored from without and within. 🙏