Letting go of expectations


Personal growth and transformation have to be one of the most rewarding parts of our life journey. However one paradox in this is that although goals are important they can sometimes get in the way of our connection with the present moment when we are too focused on an end result. It’s a fine line to cut between not having goals and living in the moment and having goals but still being present.

The difficulty with having no goals at all  is that we can potentially drift unfocused in to things that are of no good or use, such as negative thinking or watching T.V to pass time. However having goals can equally pull us out of the moment when we become too focused on the end or on the expectations that we may have for the goal, or when we expect them to happen.

Goals are great to drive us towards a greater cause and towards growth and continual improvement, but their function, I believe should not be to add so much pressure that it pulls out of now and out of the beauty of being and giving from where we are. When this begins to happen it is the point where we can re-evaluate our goals and whether there intention is working well in our lives or discovering from there what we can do differently.

Ultimately being here and now and giving from this space has to be the most important thing. Any future expectation is irrelevant and unimportant compared to happiness in the now that comes from a place of being and living in flow. This I believe serves ourselves and others more than anything.

With our goals in mind whilst allowing ourselves to be here and now, we will always reach them when the time is right. It is always about the journey, by focusing too much on the destination we miss out on all the beauty on the way. To strive with a goal in mind and to always be enjoying the journey by letting go of expectations then becomes far more loving and fun. ❤

Being vulnerable


In being vulnerable, we are true
In being true we will feel all,
We are open in all we can do
In all we are, in all we can ever be

This is scary but what’s the alternative,
To live trapped in a shell of pretending?
To say I am perfect , I am always okay
To never have any problems or worries?

Or to say I’m human and vulnerable,
Yet still completely worthy of all
If I am love;
I am therefore complete truth,
All whole, all one and vulnerable

~ M.L.Adams

Vulnerable is kind of where I’m at right now but in terms of the concept of duality and acceptance it’s reminding me a lot of the importance of acceptance in this and how it’s all one. We are all one and it’s ok to feel vulnerable to the future, the moment or wherever/ whatever it may be, it’s really ok.

This brought to mind a brilliant Ted talk which is a favourite of mine,a powerful reminder of the truth and importance of vulnerability. Please take some time to view it if you haven’t seen it. It’s very powerful. ❤

If we are imperfect beings, we are who we all are and feel and in accepting this imperfectness we are complete and whole. We do not have to know all, to be perfect in all we do. We only need to be ourselves completely, in that I believe we can serve the world our highest truth ❤