Being vulnerable


In being vulnerable, we are true
In being true we will feel all,
We are open in all we can do
In all we are, in all we can ever be

This is scary but what’s the alternative,
To live trapped in a shell of pretending?
To say I am perfect , I am always okay
To never have any problems or worries?

Or to say I’m human and vulnerable,
Yet still completely worthy of all
If I am love;
I am therefore complete truth,
All whole, all one and vulnerable

~ M.L.Adams

Vulnerable is kind of where I’m at right now but in terms of the concept of duality and acceptance it’s reminding me a lot of the importance of acceptance in this and how it’s all one. We are all one and it’s ok to feel vulnerable to the future, the moment or wherever/ whatever it may be, it’s really ok.

This brought to mind a brilliant Ted talk which is a favourite of mine,a powerful reminder of the truth and importance of vulnerability. Please take some time to view it if you haven’t seen it. It’s very powerful. ❤

If we are imperfect beings, we are who we all are and feel and in accepting this imperfectness we are complete and whole. We do not have to know all, to be perfect in all we do. We only need to be ourselves completely, in that I believe we can serve the world our highest truth ❤

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