A Journey in Letting go

letting go

So the last week has been an intense but powerful journey, one where I’ve had to learn to let go all over again. This has taught me a few things,¬† firstly that by our nature we can become attached to something/ someone even when we think we haven’t or don’t want to.¬†As always this is only realised once that thing or person is gone¬†and it seems it can happen more than once too, but our journey always teaches us when we are open to listen, as we are always growing.

So I asked what is the lesson here in this, at this time, and I have found it to be this beauty in surrender. When we surrender to the pain, we open up to the bliss always, sometimes sooner than others, but always. It still even though I have been there before seemed counter-intuitive to let go as my past default pattern was to fight or resist for what is important to me, however this was before I had begun to deeply understand how we are all connected and that the core of this old belief was driven by the fear of separation.

Ekhart Tolle states that ‘All anxiety is based on the illusion of separateness’ and I’ve come to really understand this and believe¬†this to be true. Everything in our lives in terms of belief and meaning, begins within us and is created or re-created there, therefore all we see and believe exists here. Nothing is ever lost in the deepest sense it only changes, but as human beings we will naturally desire and can subsequently become attached. However it is also true that it is in the holding on or resisting that suffering can occur.

Whatever fear or pain comes up, by letting it be, not resisting and then letting go, then peace and love are always found. The rest is just layers of attachment in what we come to think is essential for our happiness, where ultimately they are not as our happiness is always from within.

Time and separation are an illusion. By holding on or attaching through limiting fears or beliefs we can unknowingly cut ourselves off from all that is here and all that is really possible and potentially also limit those who we love. A new way to look at it is; instead of holding on, we can be in a state of always surrendering or letting go in each moment, therefore being one with each moment as it is and allowing all to be.

We are always learning and growing and I’m looking forward to realising an existence where I am letting go to each moment more consistently, in the sense of always being here with what, where and who I’m with and am. Truly then allowing a life of possibility for myself and all who I’m here with. Exciting times ūüôā

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly ~ Proverb

Keeping our eyes and heart open


When the world is shook by tragedies such as those that recently happened in Pakistan, it can be easy to become angry in defiance or maybe even withdraw from a level of pain. Yet as understandable as this is, what I believe to help far more is to stand up from a place of love and compassion against this cruelty. To instead strengthen the level of consciousness in the world.

There is only one place that kind of evil can come from and that is complete unconsciousness and ignorance to the fact that we are all one, this is what hurts more than anything. Although hard to compare, this same thing  on a far smaller and different scale can happen to all of us. Where we can see ourselves as separate from or important than another.

We all live in our own space/ society, but the truth is we are all one and it always starts with us. We may have been powerless to those  atrocities or to any other personal misfortunes in our own life but it is never too late to stand up and make a change. To strengthen the consciousness over unconsciousness; to choose to create instead of react.

Whenever our world view whether personal or global is shook we can use it to create something new. Any reaction comes from unconsciousness, so instead we can choose to create from our truth and therefore reinforce this instead. Alternatively we can allow the pain of the suffering to send us back to sleep. By keeping our eyes and hearts open we will come from a more conscious place and therefore create a far better cause for ourselves and the world.

When we come from a place of love which is always a choice that we have, we then send ripple effects of love energy that will overpower this unconsciousness eventually because of the sheer power that love has and the truth that lies within it. Lets keeps our eyes and heart opens by standing up for all those who have suffered through sending all the love, prayers and compassion they deserve. Miranda xx