Content with what is

By letting things be
You become again whole
By letting things be
You let go;
All is healed,
All is well

Be content to leave;
everything as it is
To say it as it is
To be with what is;
Accepting all as it is

Nothing has to change
Yet will change of itself
Nothing has to grow,
Yet will grow of itself
Nothing has to let go
Yet will let go of itself;
Be content to be with what is 💕

~ M. L Adams

Higher realms

There is no control
only acceptance
Where the deeper self,
The higher self
Chooses focus
And chooses well
On all that serves,
All that is positive
Towards ones growth
In the higher realms 🙏

~ M. L Adams

What matters

It’s never about the stuff
How others may think or judge
What matters is what’s in our heart
In how our actions show who we are
Not in who’s right or who’s wrong,
But in having love and gratitude,
No matter what 💗

~ M. L Adams

From above

We all can be the judge,
To see the seeming differences that appear to separate us
Yet in doing this we forget,
We are the only one
That in any or all differences
It’s just a different way of dance,
To see the truth in all
Is the only way above
Where all perceived differences
Become clear illusions
It’s here there is only truth;
Where all that matters is love ❤

~ M. L Adams

All is here

You are the dance
You are the stream,
You are the all;
In everything

Here and now
In all that is
All is one,
It’s everything

You can’t hold on,
Only flow
Here and now;
With all that is

Freedom is here,
In all it’s ways
As truth in all;
Here it is

The flow is you
The flow is me
It’s never gone;
All is here

Here and now,
As you are
See it here,
It’s all around

In beauty here,
The truth you are
All is here,
It always is

Love is here,
Love is truth
Breath right here;
Be as you ❤

~ M. L Adams

Inspired by the teachings of Alan Watts ❤