To be one

To be one
With wherever I am,
In whatever I am doing,
Here, in love with everything

To be one
Within any experience,
Here without any judgement,
Or even any thought thinking

Only the whole,
Here as everything
To be true, to be empty;
Expressed in everything

One with all that is
Here and now in all beauty,
Flowing as one;
Whole but yet empty 🙏

~ M. L Adams


Without hold


It’s not the love that causes the pain,
It’s the expectations that we lay
It’s the thoughts we put upon another
The dreams that we expect them to cover,
Yet real love holds no boundaries such as this;
It is only a state of pureness
As free and open as the sky,
Accepting in all as it is

~ M.L.Adams

To Fly


To fly here; free as a bird
I let go
In the open sky
It’s right here; I just glow

To be here and now,
Without hold,
To let go completely
In freedom; as one

With all openness
Right here and now
I do fly, I let go
Just to be here, to flow; without time

~ M.L Adams