Stillness with ripples,

That’s all it is; just ripples

Don’t be afraid of the ripples,

Hold to the stillness; within 💕

~ M. L Adams


If I could share with you anything

If I could share with you anything;
I’d say never forget who you really are,
That diamond heart,
You are here and now,
Never from the past

If I could tell you anything,
I’d say never forget how loveable you are,
No matter what’s happened, or what you were told
Always remember, how strong you are

No matter what happens,
Your the kindness within
The heart that sings,
The truth underneath; all the beauty within

No matter what happens,
Always forgive
All the fear is false,
Live from your heart; always with love ❤

~ M.L Adams

The Purpose of Resistance


Why do we often have resistance come up when we set ourselves goals?
Is there any purpose to this and if so why does it sometimes have to be so difficult?

I often ask myself this question and at times it can seem unfair that the road to achieving goals can be really tough. Then I have to remind myself that the bigger the goal and purpose, the bigger the obstacles will be.

Why? Well the one way I understand this is to liken it to exercise training. If we lift measly little weights that don’t push us at all then we are highly unlikely to achieve our goal. We have to lift a weight that is slightly tough and out of our comfort zone and the same goes for any other goal. To grow in to the person we want to be, we need some resistance.

If we remember that resistance is there to help us grow it makes any challenges easier and if anything as with exercise we can begin to find these challenges fun. Really it is always about our journey and our growth is a main part. When we become too fixated on any end goal, this is when we forget this and it becomes harder. With this we can also then unintentionally forget feeling good and having fun in the process, so I figured that resistance is good as long as we don’t resist the resistance 🙂

Life is always training


We can not wish or hope for someone else to take our journey,
It is up to us to take action and win,
We can not hope for it to be easy, for then it will not push us on
To stretch ourselves is to learn and grow,
To be and become something far more than we are now

We need to keep on growing, to do this we need to push on
To push to be this person, this person we know we can become
So resistance is not to be scared of, but a challenge that we must take on
It will then be our greatest ally, once we realise it is there to help us win

~ M.L.Adams