The Oprah story….

Such an inspirational journey.

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  • Sexually abused at 9;
  • Ran away from home at 13;
  • pregnant at 14;
  • Beauty queen at 17;
  • Abused drugs in her 20s;
  • First black American woman on National T.V in America
  • Millionaire at 32 and first black billionaire in U.S.


Sounds like a movie but true…

Oprah Winfrey one of the most respected Black American women in the world started out a deprived black American girl in the poor city of Kosciusko, Mississippi to unmarried lovers. She started her early education in the kitchen of grandmother because her maid mother could not afford formal education. Her grandmother, Hattie Mae Lee, was so poor that Oprah often wore dresses made of potato sacks, for which the local children made fun of her.

At 14 after the death of her son shortly after his birth; Oprah was shipped off to her father Nashville Tennessee; who was strict and made education her priority…

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