Life goes up, life goes down,

That’s just the way it is

Life goes this way then goes that way

That’s just the way it is

People come in, people go out,

That’s just the way it is

As simply as it is,

Be at peace with all that is 

In all life’s moving and stillness;

Flow with all of it 💕

~ M. L Adams



In all everything

In all everything ,
There’s the good, the bad; the in between
In all everything
There’s the light, the darkness; the grey zone
In all everything,
Exists you, exists me; the known and unknown,
For all, everything;
Is one whole
Nothing more,
Nothing less
Just one whole

~ M. L Adams

The centre point

Make sure you always come from the centre point where you see everything,
Ying and yang;
Go where there is nothing
Stay centred
Go to the midpoint , Not to either extreme

The way becomes as you are so stay centred
When you are centred nothing will bother you because you see it as it is,
With nothing added to it

In order to go the other way life will push you to the extreme- if you stay stuck in one way and never bend or flow you will remain there, never seeing the centre point.

Bend and flow

Always returning to the centre

Centering or self actualisation is achieved by swaying back and forth until one comes back to the centre.

The way is to intercept or stop extremes – to intercept the ego- using any method- to point to the centre; to the truth.

Wanting to control
Or moving to extremes
In the uncontrolled
Comes from fear
Be centred