The only truth

I’ll love you no matter what you do,
It feels somehow I’m a part of you
That I can never let go of you
No matter how I try, its no use

At one point I thought I hated you,
So then I went and hurt you too
Even through all this I cant let go of you
I don’t know why, I just know its true

Your always there; I’ll always care for you
No matter where you are or what you do
There’s a part of me always there for you,
I know this to be the only truth

~ M. L. Adams

I wrote this over a year ago when I’d been hurt quiet badly from lies. The experience taught me many things, Initially it was a reminder of how hurtful lies can be but far more than that was how powerful love can be to overcome it.

Today has been a day in redefining this for me. I’m not certain if it’s right
or condemning lies in anyway, as many of us know how hurtful they can be but the causes can be far deeper than we know. Even though someone lies or even continues to lie, that may mean they need our love even more. Why does anyone lie after all? ❤

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