Always Near

always near

Never gone, never lost

Always there, always one

Deep inside where you are

He is there all the time

Never gone, never lost

He is there to know your fine

Always one, always here

Know that he is always near

Shed your tears, let  go of your fears

He’s always here, keeping you near

~ M.L.Adams

For anyone who’s ever lost anyone x

Dynamic Force

Energy coursing,
Racing and flowing
Always changing;
Always unknowing

Pushing  and throwing
Nothing that stopped it,
It just kept on going

This forceful energy
Dynamic and growing
Got stronger and stronger
Til  it reached a mighty blowing

Smashing like thunder
Like nothing of any knowning
All dissipated now theres
Nothing more to be showing

Dynamic force
So driving with pain
There was nothing
That  you ever could gain

I am thankful for
Your now gone pain
As I have found a way
To rise up once again

~ M.L.Adams


Begin Again

Begin again

You can’t unlearn what is learnt

Or undo what is done,

Every path is a lesson

To what you can become,

Find the power in every path

Then begin again once more,

To be far stronger and better

Than you ever were before

~ M.L.Adams

For anyone going through a tough time in any way, be strong as you know you are:)