Heart or Mind

So often in life we are faced with this question;

Which one to follow; heart or mind

If I follow one what will I find,

If I follow the other will it be right

My heart says one thing and my head disagrees,

The environment pulls me away from my hearts need

My head says I have to, my heart say  I don’t want to

My heart feels a pull to; my head is pushed in to

Which do I follow, which one is right

Do I follow my head because I have to;

Or my heart because it feels so right

~ M.L.Adams

Heart or Mind? This can be one of life’s difficult questions, where at sometimes it’s easier to know the answer to than at others.
Which would/do you choose to follow?


  1. Theresa says:

    As a therapist, I always tell my clients that, although physically the heart is only a short distance away from the head, it takes our heart a lot longer time-wise to catch up with our head’s rationale. There’s a lag time that requires our patience.

    1. Good take on it Theresa, thankyou 🙂

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