Anything is possible

What was down and deep
So hard to release
Held on to so tight
All to do was to fight

Yet with every step
However hard it did get
We found a way,
A way in to the unknown

A way to overcome
That which was impossible,
We made it possible
Finding that always; anything is possible♡

~M. L Adams

Endings and beginnings

With every ending comes a beginning,

With every difficulty comes an opportunity 

All completions lead to openings

There is no such thing as perfect,

All is as it should be

Everything has its purpose,

That leads us on to the next thing;

Just as a cycle of energy  ♡

~ M.L Adams

Of itself so

The writing writes itself,

The painting paints itself

It is of itself so,

The movement moves itself

The way water flows through a well,

It is of itself so,



Of itself so

There is nothing

There is something,

Of itself so ♡

~ M.L Adams



Moving past

Moving past the past

To reach beyond the shore,

And now we are here

Simply free to explore

In a place where secrets are found,

The grandparents are young,

Warriors are free;

To play and move freely

Love is everywhere;

We are here ♡

~ M. L Adams