Ho’oponopono poem


Below is my addition to the healing prayer of Ho,oponopono, this healing prayer is based on the truth of our wholeness and that anything we project outside is something to heal within ourselves.
We can all make mistakes, but we can also all rectify them, as long as we have the courage to admit them and the awareness of where they come from. What we see in others exists within us, whether it be blame, expectations or something else, the need is always from within us, perceived to be lacking when in fact it never was.

The most important thing is that we’re always learning, and how do we do that but from each other. 💗🙏

I’m so sorry
If I ever hurt you
I’m really sorry
I love you
No matter what it is that you ever do,
This is always and forever, the only truth,

So it is,
That however you may be
I choose to see this truth within you,
As all you ever are is perfect whole and complete

I’m sorry,
I love you
Please forgive me,
Thank you
~ M. L Adams

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