The way of water

To be like water
As it flows with the way
Whatever is in front of it
It knows its own way
Moving around over or under
Beyond any obstacle it may face,
Knowing where it’s heading;
It always finds a way
Nothing ever stops it;
Nothing gets in the way
It simply moulds itself
To the way it wishes to take
Moving around, over or under,
Never failing , Always finding;
Flowing with the way 💕

~ M. L Adams

Spreading wings

Some things are far better apart,
Like the diamonds that are stars
Shining beautifully there on their own,
In the oneness of existence that’s here and all around

Some things can be hard to let go of,
Yet until you do, you can never be fully grown
All that’s held back from joining you together,
Will be free once more from this point right here

The freedom that comes in your oneness, is found even though your apart or near,
You do not not need him anymore
And you know this,
It’s time to let go; simply spread your wings

~ M. L Adams