One little moment , one transformational year


With some journeys its hard to know where to start but it always begins somewhere, just in one moment. That one moment leads to many , many more (the butterfly effect). These moments whether we view them as positive or negative are always magnificent. One moment and one life leads to much more, nothing is ever insignificant.

This year is one I would describe as magnificent in itself , this year for me has been really a transformation, one that began in Autumn last year, a time of letting go of old and in with new. This is how it began and from one tiny little moment it has led to massive growth in my life. Just like a tiny seed that can grow in to an amazing beautiful flower, that is what one little moment in my life did when nurtured and encouraged on the path of growth.

From making a decision in one moment to begin my own business to then going to a life changing seminar where I met amazing people, each has been a step on an amazing growing journey that in one year has been like a lifetime of lessons all of which have been transformational, not all easy though. I’m not sure if any transformational steps in life ever are easy, but one thing I know is it always leads to something higher or better if that is what you are seeking. All it takes is one intention or one decision and from there your whole life transforms, when I think about it now , it amazes me how much so.

I sought wealth and I found freedom, freedom in myself, freedom in expression, freedom in the heart and now I know that to me this is what wealth really represents. Material wealth is also important but true freedom is what deep down I was seeking. Now that I have found it every other path is also open. My life has expanded all from one decision, one opportunity , one transformational relationship and a million tiny changes in between. As Tony Robbins states,

‘ It’s in the moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.’

This change can sometimes manifest physically but more powerfully and more importantly is the inner change and transformation from these tiny decisions , they can be truly life changing and really are. Which way these decisions lead us can contain many variables but the cause lies within and everything will then come at the right moment even if it is not what you think you need at the time, all things are on the path of growth. You may often get what you need rather than what you think you want, something that is far more powerful and life changing, that which your inner soul is calling for.

My belief through this experience is that for a decision to be truly transformational it needs to be one that is at least slightly out of your comfort zone, a bit scary. If not there is in reality no room for the unknown, no room for growth. My encouragement in this would be take a step every day however little , go for those decisions you’ve been wanting to take but putting off, because once you take that step each one after follows on the path to where you want to go in your heart and your courage builds each time to the point where you’ll make those decisions without questioning them.

The path of transformational growth is I believe the highest path of all, the gifts you may seek can often be sought no other way. We are all growing as part of nature but we can also choose our path, so why not choose a higher one. Step out your comfort zone today, take that beautiful journey, it may be tough at points but it will be amazing and worth it.

For this years life changing growing journey I’m immensely grateful to all who have been a part and also for taking those initial steps, ones I plan to take many more of. To finish, a little poem below on the power of one, hope you enjoy. Wishing you lots of life changing moments today and everyday.

The power of one

One word, one day

One moment, one life

That’s all it takes

A new start, a complete change

From one time, that’s all it takes

One moment , one change

One time, one life

All change can happen

From this one time

Never give up , life’s for living

It  only takes one moment, Just one thing

One moment , one time

All change can happen from here on in

~ M.L.Adams