Purest Soul


All open, all new
This beauty there in you
Your depth , your soul
The widest ocean, the deepest blue,
Such beauty there in you
The purest nature, the deepest soul
I see you, there as one
This pureness, this sparkling gold
Such wonder there in you
All around us; the purest soul

~ M.L. Adams


All beauty exists here and now,
Beneath all form of shadow and doubt
Beneath all fear and false pretence
Lies this beauty in complete oneness
This truth we can easily forget,
It’s who we are at the core of everything
We lose this knowledge when we focus on gain,
In greed and falseness that only lead to pain,
We cover this truth with all we think is beauty
Forgetting all we really need already lies within
Here is the source, our real true selves
All the beauty we need; all the real wealth
~ M. L Adams

Let’s never forget all we really are ❤


Natures goal


I just wanted to share this inspiration today; sometimes I don’t know where this comes from but for me it seems to makes sense..

In that we are all part of nature and our only difference is that we can tend to resist or force things more, rather than allowing creation to take its course and having full faith in this.

The beauty of nature that surrounds us everyday is perfect evidence of all that’s possible..

The beauty of the land and in all of nature grows in such an order that we can see and live in awe in all that we do and all that’s possible

The ability to do this too is our nature and to have faith in this is our strength

To grow and manifest in accordance with nature is our natural ability and a demonstration of gratitude to all of nature and truth, thus natures true goal.’