Energy is everything


“Energy is everything, what we focus on or hold on to, we become.”

As energy is everything, the importance of conscious energy direction is vital yet something we can so easily forget. We are however most often in a position to consciously direct it.

This is because we are always in a state of choice, whether we are consciously choosing however is something else. There is a large amount of influence to be followed and this can happen to us in many situations, where we can get pulled in one direction or another without much conscious awareness.

It is possible however to be in a state where we allow ourselves to see that we do always have a choice, even if in that moment it may not at first appear so.

A great place to be in is one of balance, where we are not pulled in one direction or another but completely in charge or our own state. This may be called one of the observer. When you are in this state of balance then you know you are in the drivers seat of your life and choosing where you want to go.

This way you are always conscious and rarely if ever unconsciously directed. It is important however that we practice continuously to be attentive to our own energy state.

To do this the best way I have found is to step back and look at a situation or energy state, and consider “is this useful or wasteful to me.” We are then free to redirect our energy on to where it is best placed.

There is never any point in attaching ourselves to that which is wasteful, when we can choose to focus on that which is beautiful, creative and productive instead. Everything starts from within and is then directed out so by consciously choosing we take back the power that is truly ours and create our lives as we choose them to be completely.

Your energy is you, so place it where it is most valuable to you, and make it most meaningful. Then you will know that you’ll never have a wasted day or even a wasted moment, for it will be you that is fully in charge of your energy flow. ❤


  1. Sara Troy says:

    Energy is everything and every thing is energy and yes we need to find that balance to stay in our energetic Zone, that’s why we ahve developed an APP to see your assessment on how to stay centred in the Zone of your own positive energy, we need to flow with the energy not against it.

    1. Oh wow Sara, that sounds great, i would love to check this out.

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