Notes from Dr John de Martini


After seeing Dr John de Martini at a seminar a couple of weeks ago, I was so inspired by him that I wanted to share my experience with you all. I hope you can take some inspiration from this too.

Dr John de Martini believes that everyone can live an inspired vision and he dedicated his life to discovering how and sharing this with the world.

These are some of the most standout points from his talk that I observed;

Most of all what matters is that you have a dream, something many of us may have heard before.

So how do we know we are not only following our dream but can also achieve it?

Our value system

Our value system determines our destiny and our hierarchy of values determines everything we do and how unique we are.

So how do we know these?

Our highest values are that which we are pulled to do. That we do not need to be motivated for, we just want to do them because we value them so highly. So our hierarchy of values therefore dictate our destiny.

Your highest of values will spontaneously be inspired from within and will lead everything you do. They are of intrinsic value, therefore you will always achieve them.

These can be discovered from observing what you are drawn to in your current lifestyle without needing to be motivated to do them in anyway.
If you need to be reminded or motivated to so something it’s because it’s low on your values.

When it comes to relationships, our values are also of great importance as John de Martini says; Nobody is in fact committed to us only to fulfilling their highest values. So when we help someone achieve their highest values they will automatically enjoy being with us.

My favourite quote of all John de Martini said was this;

‘The greatest difference you can ever make is being the authentic you.’

I couldn’t agree more with this, if we are trying to be anything we are not then we are kidding ourselves and making ourselves unhappy. This then also affects those around us.

Your highest value is where your empowered and your lowest value is where your most disempowered. In anytime you do lower value things you are effectively devaluing yourself, so always aim to reduce these.

Top take 🙂

*Know your highest values and fill your life with these*

John then talked about how he’d discovered the term telos. Which he explained as a central part within our minds that’s driving us towards our highest value- always having your chief aim or destiny in mind.

In effect it’s like we are individually preset to follow a certain destiny and that’s why we are driven toward certain things and not others.

In any case to punish yourself by doing that which you really dislike doing, this makes no sense at all, especially when there are other options and opportunities available.

The study of meaning and purpose

Your purpose is an expression of your highest value and your life demonstrates your highest values when you observe where you spend most time. In that you will always have and make time for the things that are most important to you.

Knowing yourself and your highest values is what’s most important to drive you forward. You will automatically have a selected biased attention for those things that fulfill your telos.

Anything you see that supports your telos acts a guide towards it.
Anything against it guides you away from it, including through illness.

When you set a goal aligned with your highest values you spontaneously align yourself to success- this awakens your inner leader and it is natural to spiritually and energetically expand and move forward when in this state.

When you set all goals and intentions to align with your highest value and purpose- this awakens your higher self. We are rewarded when we are authentic.

When we set goals low on our value system, we will be uninspired unmotivated and become a follower rather than a leader.

There is however never a need to get rid of any part of yourself, only to love yourself. Negative responses are simply feed back to move away and back towards that which will lead to your higher purpose and highest values. When your goals are aligned with your highest values then automatically positive responses will arise. The end in mind (telos) awakens the telos in the brain.

When we live by lower values then this awakens the lower part of the brain. Living from here we then function on pain and pleasure- or simply instinct and survival.

When living by our higher values we will see even challenges as positive, because everything will become a part of our cause. Everything then supports yourself on the way, you will be inspired by mission and you won’t need motivation, all will be a part of your goal.

When living by your lower values you will only want to escape. Addictive and compulsive behaviour is also a symptom of following lower values and living an uninspired life- we should not need to be motivated.

When were aligned with our mission we are inspired, self governed and awakened. Our inner voice will be stronger than anything- were then living our inspired destiny.

In doing what you love and living by your telos you will have resilience, high health and be supported by universal energy. You are pulled by vision , supported no matter what and this will magnetise people because of your being authentic.

Other Main Points

– We need both support and challenge towards achieving our goals, this is essential.

– Anytime we minimise ourselves we lose our genius and our leader.

– Anytime were out of balance from our own values, we begin depreciating ourself and our mission.

– Leaders look for challenges that inspire them.

– Subordination to outer authority is the one thing that stops us achieving our ultimate purpose.

– Empower your own purpose and values and support those of others. Anything other than this will cause us to be out of balance.

– Link everything to your highest purpose – (always asking; how does this link to my highest value and purpose?)

Gain momentum towards your highest purpose by setting continuous goals in line with your values.

To leave an astronomical legacy we need to live an astronomical life in line with our own authenticity and purpose.

– Say yes to everything that inspires you and no to all else- aim to get to the point where you can delegate all else.

– Feel and know your destiny to serve masses and it is then you will achieve masses of wealth.

– If you don’t fill up your life with inspired actions that fulfill you, your life will instead get filled up with distractions from all other areas.

I hope you find some these points as helpful and inspiring. Please let me know your thoughts.

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