The whole tree

However small the leaf

It is still a leaf,

Part of one whole tree.

All of the how;

Living in the now

A part of one whole;

Expressed through the soul;
Always ready to evolve

To love, to serve, to give
Receiving in each moment that is;
A continual return always

~ M.L Adams


We live in a beautiful and unique world, yet we are taught to see in opposites and labels. Each of us are all unique, yet bombarded with labels and judgements which we then take upon ourselves from a very young age.

In recognition of World Mental Health Day yesterday I wrote this poem to acknowledge how we are all whole and beautiful just as we are. Each worthy of our own love and acceptance as well as others just because we are who we are, no more.


Our tears are the rivers in beauty and flow
Our smiles are the joy that exists in all souls
We are whole , we are one
Were not merely light or dark,
We are whole, we are one, just as we are,
It’s not success or failure, but beauty in being,
Just as you are; as natures true rhythm

~ M. L Adams