Your Health

It is your health that is your real true beauty in life,

So easily given and then more easily taken, it is the real true gift

Value it with your life, for it depends on it so

There are many a people who aren’t even fortunate enough to know

 Always remember the real true gift,

It is right there within you; don’t wait for it to fly by

Many a people have done so and then they realise,

That their real true gift was right before their eyes

 Many a true scholar have told us these words before

It is now time we listen, for its more important than before

Our world is filled with guises that hide us from this gift

The only way to truly know is from how you feel inside

 So stand up for your life and be true to yourself;

Don’t hide from your health it is your real gift of wealth

 For once you really have it, then you will truly know

 That the real gift of life is right there before you,

 If only  you choose to let it be so

~ Miranda Adams

Health and  Health improvement is a huge passion of mine and I’m lucky enough to have been able to pursue this professionally. The above poem I wrote to inspire people to recognise the real value of health, it is unfortunately too often not recognised until our health begins to suffer , and our health really is the greatest gift we have, always treasure it.

To find out more about my health business and to check out my blog there you can find it at , Enjoy a great and healthy day 🙂

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