He that’s says he knows
Knows not
To know
Is to know there is nothing to know
Therefore he speaks not 💕


Finding Meaning

To find real meaning in life
Is to accept death in life,
To befriend the impermanence of all that is,
To release the entire bodymind in to emptiness with each exhalation.
To yield unconditionally to death on each exhalation, is to be reborn and regenerated with each inhalation.
On the other hand to recoil from the death and impermanence of each moment is to recoil from the life of each moment; since the two are one and the same.

– Ken Wilber

Content with what is

By letting things be
You become again whole
By letting things be
You let go;
All is healed,
All is well

Be content to leave;
everything as it is
To say it as it is
To be with what is;
Accepting all as it is

Nothing has to change
Yet will change of itself
Nothing has to grow,
Yet will grow of itself
Nothing has to let go
Yet will let go of itself;
Be content to be with what is 💕

~ M. L Adams


Jkd is nothing
It’s a being
A process
That lies in the space in between
Therefore it can not be seen or described
Because it is in fact a liberation
It’s a pairing of opposites-
In order to find the centre
The space
That which exists in between everything;
That is everything
And therefore it is nothing
It is not a system, yet it is
A style that is not a style
Don’t get hung up on it
It’s one with everything
This is how it liberates
And why the teacher is only the pointer

~ M. L Adams