Love and Presence


Meet fear and separation with love and presence 💗


Step up

Sometimes life gives you the biggest tests,
So you can step up and show what your made of;

So you can step up and show what your really worth,
How strong that fight in you really is

To achieve the victory you know you deserve,
So you can show the world you can and will win no matter what!!!

~ M.L Adams

It’s up to me

It’s up to me what I listen to
It’s up to me what I focus on,
It’s up to me what I choose to do,
There’s no one else to pass the blame
To say I can’t
To take the action
It’s up to me in all I do
To always learn
To make the right cause
It’s no one else
The cause is mine
So I choose right here to make it true
To always believe
To make it through ❤
~ M. L Adams

Freedom in Flight


This weekend past I had the beautiful experience of going paragliding for the first time, not only was this an amazing experience but also one that taught me,

Nature is our guide,
Nature is our teacher

Paragliding is something I’d wanted to do for some time, I always sought that feeling of freedom in really flying, as a child I must have dreamt of flying hundreds of times, me and my sisters always used to pretend we could fly (off the sofas) not quiet the same thing but we had the imagination. 🙂

As well as always dreaming of flying I’ve always had this kind of obsession with the sky, I could literally watch it for hours as it adapts and changes and however it appears it is always so beautiful.

I remembered writing this,

I spend far too long staring at the sky;

I’m pretty certain I was born to fly


When it came to going up in to the sky for real, there was some initial fear but more than anything I was excited, I had waited so long for this experience,

And then we let go;

Out in to the sky we went,


Following the ways of the air

Just as the birds do

There is no feeling like it, so beautiful and free, adapting with the ways of the air, being completely at one with this element. On the one hand we’re directing the course of flight but always in accordance with and flowing with the pockets of air, rising with the heat and following the other birds as they go, wherever they go.

I was fortunate enough to be able to have a flight of just under half an hour, as it is always dependent on the wind and this literally changes moment to moment, you can never predict how long it will be or how high we will get to go. In addition to the longer flight I also got to go quiet high up in to the clouds, which was beautiful and perfect.

Even though this was my first time paragliding, it felt so natural to me, it was new but at the same like I had done it before, I knew I was born to fly.  ❤

This experience is something I’d highly recommend, the feeling it brings is outstanding. However it may not be for everyone I know, the most important thing is to always follow your heart, follow your dreams ❤

Miranda x


Finding the gift


In everything there exists a gift,
In every circumstance, every perceived challenge or struggle,
It is only up to us to find it.
To ask, ‘
‘How can I turn this in my favour?’,
‘How can I make this a victory?’

For example, as a child growing up with a disability and being very ill at times I grew to hate hospitals, at best I found them extremely boring. This was up until I learnt how I could turn literally anything in to an opportunity and decided to see it this way instead.

I decided that instead of hating the hospital or finding it boring whenever I had to go I would instead see it as an opportunity of what I could transform, how I could create something that might seem impossible in to a possibility and from then on it became more like an adventure of what victory I could have to then share with others.

And the best part of all is that it worked

One instance is when I broke my wrist two years ago and instead of becoming defeated and fed up, I decided to find out the quickest possible time I could recover and make it happen, not only this but I was told I would likely need an operation in the first week to adjust the bone. I focused on it healing perfectly and quickly without the need for an op and after a week I was told I didn’t need the operation and in addition the cast was off in just 5 weeks. My wrist is now stronger than ever!

I tracked all of this recovery journey on You Tube, and the 5week video now has nearly 20’000 views. I say all this to really demonstrate how no matter what the situation may be, you really can make something in to a great positive, and this is just one of many examples of how this can be done.

We never have to be defeated unless we choose to be.

Think today of the things you can turn around in your favour to inspire more possibility and opportunity ? 💕

Every difficulty
Can be an opportunity
Every struggle can be a strength
It is what you choose to focus on that will really get you through anything,
To a place where you thought you would never be
To a place where you’re more than you’ve ever been

~ M. L Adams