Simply remember

If I ever saw
Or if I ever see
Anything more,
Anything less,
Than the real you
Simply remember;
I love you 💗

~ M. L Adams


A course in miracles

Today I have reached the end of a years learning with A Course in Miracles. It is the end but as with all endings it is also the beginning.

As I reach this point of learning I also recognise that it was more of an unlearning, of all that is not true, all that is not whole.

If I was to give you one main lesson I have taken from this course, it would be this; That you already are everything, already are whole, you are what you’ve been seeking. Yet along life’s journey we can get caught up in an illusion that covers our truth, one that can easily be cast aside in any moment.

In each moment we always have a choice, that is whether to see through illusions or come from our truth.

In that we can see ourselves as either powerless based on fear,
Or as the truth,
The known, the love we really are, all of us, as we were born as.
Being as creators and teachers in all we do.

We always have this choice. ❤

All is here
Only here is now
Only now is here
All is here
As one,
I am here,
As Love

~ M. L Adams

Love and peace to you💗

The shining sun

Today I get to choose again,
To choose the light above everything
To know that all is handled,
All is well
That in sight of the sun
All challenges melt like snow,
All we have to do is rise above
To see in another the light in all of us
Shine above, rise above
Seeing all you truly are,
The light & love;
You are the rising shining sun ☀️💗
~ M. L Adams



All I know is I surrender
I surrender to the truth that I know
For all that’s in the world of fear and control,
Is nothing that I want to know
I want none of it any longer
None of those frightful dreams, I let go of all as it’s ever been
To surrender to the truth as I know,
It’s here that lies true freedom
Beyond all those illusional folds
Where nothing other than love is,
Where we’re forever flying above 💗

~ M. L Adams