Seeing all


When you see all as it is,
The most stunning beauty
falls before you 💗
~ M. L Adams


Fall in to the void

To fall in to the void
Here where nothingness explores
Letting go, always flowing
Only ever becoming,
To fall in to the void;
In to the formless forming
Love forever becoming
Always moving, never holding,
Being here, in all ways;
Always forever evolving 💗

~ M. L Adams

From above

We all can be the judge,
To see the seeming differences that appear to separate us
Yet in doing this we forget,
We are the only one
That in any or all differences
It’s just a different way of dance,
To see the truth in all
Is the only way above
Where all perceived differences
Become clear illusions
It’s here there is only truth;
Where all that matters is love ❤

~ M. L Adams

All is beautiful

All is beautiful,
All is one
It’s all I’ve ever seen,
All I’ve ever known

I look so deeply
Far in to your eyes,
There I am lost;
Far beyond the skies

In to somewhere
Never known before,
Where all that ever is
Is completely one and whole

There it is ,
It’s there I see you
In all you ever do,
Here as all of you

Where all that ever was,
Is somehow not
And yet it is;
All at once

All is simply beautiful;
All is one ❤

~ M. L Adams

All is here

You are the dance
You are the stream,
You are the all;
In everything

Here and now
In all that is
All is one,
It’s everything

You can’t hold on,
Only flow
Here and now;
With all that is

Freedom is here,
In all it’s ways
As truth in all;
Here it is

The flow is you
The flow is me
It’s never gone;
All is here

Here and now,
As you are
See it here,
It’s all around

In beauty here,
The truth you are
All is here,
It always is

Love is here,
Love is truth
Breath right here;
Be as you ❤

~ M. L Adams

Inspired by the teachings of Alan Watts ❤

No limits

If you believe you can, you will
If you believe you can, you’ll see
If you believe you can and know you can,
Anything is possible

It’s always in your belief,
What do you believe is real,
What do you believe is possible.,
Then apply it with your will

Your limit is no limit;
Anything is possible
It’s only you that can get in the way,
So step in to that open space

You are unstoppable
You know this is the truth
So find a way and make it real;
Make all your dreams come true

Your time has come here now,
Your rhythm is so sound,
Feel it in your soul; know your flow,
There’s nothing else to find

Trust you’ll know the way,
Then find it you sure will
Believe you can, know you can,
You are the unstoppable you!

~ M. L Adams

Where are you looking?

Whatever we look for we will see,
So if we think we don’t have enough that is what we’ll see, and if we think we’ve more than enough that is what we’ll see.

This then effects our whole perception to one where we’re coming from a place of either seeing limitations and suffering or abundance and gratitude. And it really is that simple as in what are we looking for, we get to choose which we see.

Where are you looking

From close up,
Or far back
Can you see the whole,
Or just one part
Are you seeing here,
Or what is not
What do you choose,
To be near or far?
To be one with all,
Or what is not
For all is here,
It always was
If you choose one part
Then you close it off,
For all you see;
Is what you focus on 💗

~ M.L Adams