Real Beauty

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What you focus on

One to lift us up ❤

What you focus on

Whatever we choose to focus on;
Either pulls us or drains us,
Excites us or frightens us;
Enlivens or minimises us

The energy we then focus on,
Is what we reflect back,
So we’re either learning to move forwards,
Or being pushed back

The question then is, what do you focus on..?
Is it what you can do,
Or what you think you can’t?

The truth however is,
That you’re the one in charge,
You do have power,
You do have the chance

So whatever you choose to focus on,
Make it what you want,
Step up; reclaim your power
Choose to take it on!

~ M. L Adams

Finding Truth and Peace

A tree made in the shape of a heart at sunset.

With the recent Paris attacks as well as others around the world I felt the need to share this with the hope it may touch and help some, please do share if you find it helpful.

When events like this happen it makes all of us question, how can we find truth and peace? When Gandhi stated ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’, there was so much wisdom in his words, because it always starts with us, always.

When we can move beyond our own divisions and see the truth in ourselves and others, this creates ripples throughout the world.

Truth is a word that’s often associated with right and wrong and sometimes used to create further division. Here I’m not speaking of this, instead I’m speaking of the truth that is and exists in everyone, in all of us and everything.

To look on a surface level when we live in a materialistic world can be easy to do and a natural default, however  we are far more than this. When we look beyond this surface to see the truth, we can see it in everyone.

There are no opposites, there is no division, it’s all made up. Beyond this illusion there is only love and its all there is, its our creative energy and it’s the truth of what we all are.

No matter what illusions may come about in the world of perceptions, opposites and divisions, this truth even though we can’t see it is the real power precisely because it’s all that is and just because we can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Never lose faith in truth and peace,  there is always hope, its in the smallest things.

When  we connect to our true reality and more of us do so, all divisions and oppositions become meaningless and powerless. This may appear hard to do , yet it is only love that is our natural state and fear is illusion in this reality.

Fight only with love, we are all one. Let’s all choose truth and peace. May peace and love be with you and your loved ones today and everyday ❤

“Love is what we were born with,  fear is what we learned here” ~Marianne Williamson

Why Wait

Life is so awesome and beautiful

All we need is here right now,

Yet we spend our lives waiting

Waiting… what for?

Why wait,

What is there to wait for?

Take action right here and now,

Life and energy exist right now

The only way to feel like doing it, is to just do it

To take action, to step in to your zone

Here is the place you’ll find the energy you need

Simply follow your passion and flow ❤

~ M. L Adams