Unity conciousness

Right now you already are the cosmos, you already are the totality of your present experience. Your present state is always unity consciousness because the seperate self, which seems to be a major obstacle to unity consciousness is always an illusion.

~ Ken Wilber ~


Where all is whole and one


In truth we are all whole and one, yet we live in a world that appears to function on the illusion of separateness. As though we are somehow against each other and taught that we are never enough and so always have to strive to do, be and have more.

I myself have fallen victim to this illusion of not being enough for most of my life. Now I’m on a journey where everyday I commit to this not being so; to instead come from a place of love and oneness. Where I know myself, everyone and everything are whole, complete and equally worthy just as we are ❤

Where all is whole and one

All that is, is;
All else you perceive to be happening,
Or to have happened;
Doesn’t exist

There is no need,
There’s nothing wrong;
In truth, there is only love,

Where all is whole and one,
There is only beauty and love ❤

~ M. L Adams

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

In trying to be perfect we only fail ourselves,

For we forget to realise,

That it’s in our simple imperfectness;

We’re perfect just as we are

It’s when we begin to stop questioning;

Accepting all as it is,

Where all is whole and one;

All becomes perfect ❤

~ M. L Adams

Always see

I love you
I see you
All that matters is this truth;
The one you are, beyond all doubt,
Where beauty lies and I as well,
I promise to you; I always will

Please tell me that you choose this too,
That no matter what in anything you see the truth beyond all else,
There is nothing more,
Only this;
My only wish for you is happiness ❤
~ M. L Adams