Love – Rumi

Your task is not to seek
For love
But merely to find all the barriers
Within yourself
That you have built against it
~ Rumi ~


Nature Photography – World Photography Day

As today is World photography day, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite photographs of nature that i’ve taken over the last year, some of which you may have seen on here before.

Nature photography is something I delved in to after beginning to see the real beauty within it. All of nature holds within it a pure beauty that exists within us all;

An art in itself, captured with ease

To share and hold, with all the beauty it brings

Painted sky

Painted sky

A path in the trees

A path in the trees

Seeing beyond

Seeing beyond

The illusion

The truth beyond illusion

The flow of the soul

The flow of the soul

Beauty on a motorway

Beauty on a motorway

Caught in the clouds

Caught in the clouds

Purest soul

Pure beauty

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do ❤ please let me know of your favourite too. Happy world photography day 🙂

Breaking barriers

The barriers of defence that we build are like swords that attack both ourselves and others.

Choose to see differently,
Choose to see the truth,
Choose in your vision,
Believe in your true self and that of others, no matter what happens

Then the light of the world will be yours and all you’ll see ❤


Truth is a pathless road

Truth is a pathless road.
A road that is not a road.
It is total expression that has no before or after.
How can there be methods and systems by which to arrive at something that is living?
To that which is static, fixed, dead, there can be a way, a definite path but not to that which is living
~ Bruce Lee ~

Look within


I am one
I am here
Far gone from all you’ve ever feared

Always with you,
Right beside you
In all you’ve ever seen
I was here; I forever have been

Choose to see,
Be here with me
Where our hearts are one,
They always have been

I love you; I always have
See within;
Where you heart is whole,
Look within;
Right there is where I’ll always be

~ M. L Adams

The miracle of creation


I’ve been studying the course in miracles over the last few months and so far it’s been a really enlightening journey, a lot of my recent posts have come from this.

The following is my most recent reflections and I’ll be sharing more to come, I hope you find them useful and enjoy;

The miracle of creation

Everything is a miracle and one as part of creation,
Therefore the only appropriate response is gratitude.

To desire or strive out of a sense of fear, loss or lack is to see oneself as separate.

To struggle then is to be out of alignment with creation; which always unfolds in nature effortlessly.

Truth opens up and creates from the space of oneness; that is our truth and exists in allowing all to be as it is.

Unfolding moment by moment in accordance with all that is, our intention creates and grows as part of nature from within us.

There is no lack, this is only fear and all fear is illusion. Create only from a space of love, where all is real, one and forever unfolding. ❤