Freely flowing


To love is to come home
To be here; to always evolve
To love, to let go
Always knowing, we are all one soul

Seeing in all of your being,
The purity and oneness, within all you are feeling
In seeing, knowing, in all you are living
You serve at your highest, in all you are being

In truth; oneness,
Whole as you’re seeing,
Here, now as you’re living
This is it; you are freely flowing ❤

~ M.L Adams


All you have learnt

In all, it’s about what have you learnt;
What is it that you hold in your heart,
Do you see in others what they see in you,
Do you see the truth no matter what others do,

Continue to learn, grow and develop;
Holding the gratitude you know is true
Then the love in your heart;
The truth that you see,
In all that you ever have; That is all you will ever need ❤

~ M. L Adams

Letting go of expectations


Along our life journey things can at times happen the way we don’t want them or expect them to.

Whether it be with relationships, work goals or any other area of life, not everything happens how we would like it to and sometimes it can be really tough.

So what do we do when this happens..?

Fight on? Resist?

Or allow our journey to take us where it may be guiding us, to any lessons we may need to learn or benefit from?

Our life journeys as I see are like flowing water, rising and falling, coming and going, and ultimately flowing. If we resist however, the flow then stops.

We may not always understand why something happens or we can even see it as wrong in some way, yet in resisting it we stay there longer. Stuck in not learning, until we finally let go.
Finally in letting go of any expectation in how it should be we are allowing ourselves to flow on our journey again.

When we fight what is however it can only take longer to move to where we want to be, it also stops us from living in the now. Everything on our journey has a purpose and meaning and can be directed towards achieving our ultimate goal. We only need to find the lesson and there is always one. Letting go of expectations allows us to do this.

In letting go of expectations and allowing ourselves to flow on our journey instead of holding on to how we think it should be, we then open ourselves up to far more possibility.

We can then set our path in line with our higher energy and allow ourselves to receive more of what is available to us, far more than may ever be perceived through our own preset expectations.

Here for a reason

Everything can happen for a reason;
Stay open to possibility,
Simply be right here in your flow

You will always find a reason;
All can help you reach your goal
Simply stay in line with purpose
Then you can never really fail

Your path is set for higher purpose
Simply trust in the way to go
Everything is here for a reason,
Trust you will always be guided well ❤

~ M. L Adams

Where are your thoughts coming from?


Don’t become attached to the clouds, when you are in fact the whole sky, the clouds will pass.

How much of our thoughts are coming from fear and defensiveness and how much are coming from love?

Have you ever considered this question? Personally I have never really been so consciously aware of it as recently whilst studying a course in miracles.

It’s as though our minds are somehow trained in this way of thinking in fear/survival and separateness when in reality it’s the opposite. Even for those of us who know and believe in this, the tendencies to respond in fear or defensiveness can still be there.

The only way I can see in overcoming this on a larger scale is through more of us realising the truth underneath the illusion of separateness. When we know that everything starts from within, in that nothing we see outside has not already been perceived from within, then we have true freedom.

We always have a choice to come from our own truth, from love instead of fear. Change always starts with(in) us.
Miranda ❤