The Space

There’s this space beneath the lines

Where all expands and comes alive

Where all is one, yet somehow lost

The space is open far and wide,

There are no boundaries, there are no guides

It falls before you and you decide

To take the journey or to run away,

To stay the way or continue to wait

The space is open, the space is clear,

To fall again or to stay away

~ M.L. Adams



Find your way

Find your way

Find the truth on your path;

Each one of us has a different way

Its not for us judge or try to take another

Along with us on our way,

Its only us that can travel this path;

Though others may follow too,

The ones who will stay the full road

They are only a few

We may still want to hold on,

But some are just not meant to be

They come to our lives for a lesson,

A lesson we may no longer need

Keep travelling on, on your true path

There are many more missions to seek

Don’t let others try to stop you

There job is not to hold you there

But to travel along on their path;

Until you may meet again somewhere

~ M.L.Adams



Every difficulty can be an opportunity;

Every struggle can be a strength,

It is what you choose to focus on

That will really get you through anything,

To a place where you thought you would never be;

To a place where your more than you’ve ever been

~ M.L.Adams

This is written with the belief and knowledge that every and any problem can actually be an opportunity, It all depends on our focus.

Sometimes the answer isn’t clear at first but there can always be a higher purpose if that is what you seek.

Please check out my positive message for health on this if you wish, thank you 🙂

Creativity – Our Calling

I know that many of you will appreciate this so much so I wanted to share it with you,

I have until now been largely keeping my creativity and profession as a health coach separate from each other. Then after a coaching session with amazing poet and speaker George Hardwick yesterday I have realised that it is absolutely essential to bring my whole self together in what I do.

It is too often believed that we can not make something of our creativity or that we must separate the different parts of our lives, but this is no longer so. Now is really the time that we can be our whole true selves and we can bring the most value to others in doing so.

So I see this as my mission from here forward, to be my whole self in all I do, in giving and creating from the heart.
Please let me know your own thoughts on this too and check out George’s TED Talk video below, it is truly inspiring and thought provoking.

Thank you

Miranda ❤