Heart or Mind

So often in life we are faced with this question;

Which one to follow; heart or mind

If I follow one what will I find,

If I follow the other will it be right

My heart says one thing and my head disagrees,

The environment pulls me away from my hearts need

My head says I have to, my heart say  I don’t want to

My heart feels a pull to; my head is pushed in to

Which do I follow, which one is right

Do I follow my head because I have to;

Or my heart because it feels so right

~ M.L.Adams

Heart or Mind? This can be one of life’s difficult questions, where at sometimes it’s easier to know the answer to than at others.
Which would/do you choose to follow?


One little moment , one transformational year


With some journeys its hard to know where to start but it always begins somewhere, just in one moment. That one moment leads to many , many more (the butterfly effect). These moments whether we view them as positive or negative are always magnificent. One moment and one life leads to much more, nothing is ever insignificant.

This year is one I would describe as magnificent in itself , this year for me has been really a transformation, one that began in Autumn last year, a time of letting go of old and in with new. This is how it began and from one tiny little moment it has led to massive growth in my life. Just like a tiny seed that can grow in to an amazing beautiful flower, that is what one little moment in my life did when nurtured and encouraged on the path of growth.

From making a decision in one moment to begin my own business to then going to a life changing seminar where I met amazing people, each has been a step on an amazing growing journey that in one year has been like a lifetime of lessons all of which have been transformational, not all easy though. I’m not sure if any transformational steps in life ever are easy, but one thing I know is it always leads to something higher or better if that is what you are seeking. All it takes is one intention or one decision and from there your whole life transforms, when I think about it now , it amazes me how much so.

I sought wealth and I found freedom, freedom in myself, freedom in expression, freedom in the heart and now I know that to me this is what wealth really represents. Material wealth is also important but true freedom is what deep down I was seeking. Now that I have found it every other path is also open. My life has expanded all from one decision, one opportunity , one transformational relationship and a million tiny changes in between. As Tony Robbins states,

‘ It’s in the moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.’

This change can sometimes manifest physically but more powerfully and more importantly is the inner change and transformation from these tiny decisions , they can be truly life changing and really are. Which way these decisions lead us can contain many variables but the cause lies within and everything will then come at the right moment even if it is not what you think you need at the time, all things are on the path of growth. You may often get what you need rather than what you think you want, something that is far more powerful and life changing, that which your inner soul is calling for.

My belief through this experience is that for a decision to be truly transformational it needs to be one that is at least slightly out of your comfort zone, a bit scary. If not there is in reality no room for the unknown, no room for growth. My encouragement in this would be take a step every day however little , go for those decisions you’ve been wanting to take but putting off, because once you take that step each one after follows on the path to where you want to go in your heart and your courage builds each time to the point where you’ll make those decisions without questioning them.

The path of transformational growth is I believe the highest path of all, the gifts you may seek can often be sought no other way. We are all growing as part of nature but we can also choose our path, so why not choose a higher one. Step out your comfort zone today, take that beautiful journey, it may be tough at points but it will be amazing and worth it.

For this years life changing growing journey I’m immensely grateful to all who have been a part and also for taking those initial steps, ones I plan to take many more of. To finish, a little poem below on the power of one, hope you enjoy. Wishing you lots of life changing moments today and everyday.

The power of one

One word, one day

One moment, one life

That’s all it takes

A new start, a complete change

From one time, that’s all it takes

One moment , one change

One time, one life

All change can happen

From this one time

Never give up , life’s for living

It  only takes one moment, Just one thing

One moment , one time

All change can happen from here on in

~ M.L.Adams

Our Deepest Fear by Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. 

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

We ask ourselves who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? 

Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.   

Your playing small does not serve the world. 

There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine, as children do. 

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.

It’s not just in some of us; It’s in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. 

As we’re liberated from our own fear, Our presence automatically liberates others.

~ Marianne Williamson , taken from her book ‘A Return to Love’

I love this poem because I think its so true and inspirational, so often we are own worst doubters. If we let go and trust and truly believe in ourselves then our true lights can really shine , nothing could be more true 🙂

Fear Growth


Begin from a bud of fear

Into something far more clear

Use it to spur you on

It has held you back for far too long


Begin from a bud of fear

Then shoot in to a mighty roar

Make friends with this thing called fear

Then you willl never be scared of this anymore 

~ M.L.Adams

Fear used to hold me back a lot when I was younger, now I see it for what it is and even though it still comes up I wont let is stop me instead I use it to spur me on. For anyone who struggles with fear , get out there and do it anyway. Face it and you’ll likely find great gifts on the other side.

Fear never has to hold us back, use it as your friend to push you on to greater and better things. Feel the fear and do it anyway, then you’ll look back every time wondering why you were so fearful of this thing that is now easy to you. Fear is just an energy created in our own minds , we decide how to use it. Never stop growing 🙂


Living at the Cause


What does it mean to live at the cause? This is something of a realisation that came recently when I discovered that I had become somewhat increasingly focused on the level of effect in my life rather than cause. The gap in perspective of both cause and effect can in reality seem so small but at the same time it is huge, cause and effect are in fact one, both created in a cyclical effect as much of energy is. The main difference between them is where your focus is,whether it exists in the present or in the future, if it is in the past you are also focused on effect. That’s all it is, a change in perception,  but that small change in perception can create massive differences for ourselves and others.

If you are an ambitious or success driven person as many of us are then it is easy to become absorbed in the level of effect and therefore push and stretch yourself in the now to achieve where it is you want to be. This may seem perfectly fine but it is this space where fear, stress and worry often exist. At the cause all that exists is peace and intention, intention may be there but once focused on it is let go of and the process is then in faith. To hold on to it is to force or control and therefore mistrust in yourself and the process and to then be out of alignment with the present moment.

Although this  sounds deep, it is in fact a paradox because it is very simple when we see it in the now , all that exists in the now is already here and available to us we only have to set our intention and choose to focus on it. We do not hold on to the future because it is not here yet and where we exist is in the now solely and completely. Only we choose where our focus goes and on which part of life we choose to allow it to, this is then what we experience.

The act of taking responsibility is another sole part of living at the cause because we are then choosing to live with complete awareness that ‘I am living in the now and choosing which actions to take based on my intentions and my purpose, not with the past or the future’. You are the sole creator of your life and by living at the cause you are choosing to accept and acknowledge the power that exists within your life to live in this way. By looking to others to create our lives or blaming in anyway we are giving this power away, not just the power of where we are now but the power that exists within us to create positive change.

The alternative looks more like this , ‘if I am living at the effect I am relating to my environment as a separate entity to myself therefore I am reliant on it to provide me with what I need and also from others. I am looking at what am I receiving, what exists in my life , what will I get for all this I am doing.’ It may appear logical to think in this way but this is a discord as there I would ultimately be mistrusting the process and myself as a creator existing in the here and now. I would be distrusting the process therefore creating discord between my focus/intention and the effect.

It is probably fair to suggest that many of us live at both levels and perhaps more often at the level of effect, focusing on where we want to go, where we want to be, what we need or don’t have thus creating much of the stress within and competition in society. It is also clear to see those who live solely at the level of cause and who are therefore in the present moment, fully aware of the energy of creation that exists within them, some clear examples would be Gandhi, The Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa. In fact any of the outstanding characters you can think of that have made or are making a huge difference in the world are doing this and have done this because they are living with the full awareness of their creational energy and they are living at the cause with their intention and full faith in themselves and the environment as one.

Ultimately living at the cause is where I desire to be in the now with the intention to make a positive difference to as many people as possible and after the realisation of how it is to become focused at the effect and how disempowering this state of living can be, I encourage you all to choose to live at the cause of your own lives and realise what amazing creators you really are if you don’t do this already. In every moment consider am I reacting or creating.. what place am I coming from..what is the cause I wish to live by.

We are all creators and can choose how to benefit this world today and everyday to make a real difference, we all can do this in our own unique way, we all have gifts to give. If we choose to live at effect and ignore who we are and what we can do now then we distrust in ourselves and the process therefore giving our power away. Which do you choose?

Where focus goes energy flows ~ Tony Robbins